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This is a special size and format created for the guestrooms of the Dolce by Wyndham Hotel in Hollywood, FL, now made available to the public.

This 48" tall x 36" wide print on canvas comes stretched over 3/4" stretchers, hand embellished and signed by the artist. 


Additional canvas print sizes are available under the "Premium Canvas Prints" section or you may contact us for a custom size.



This painting is an invitation to look within for all the answers we have already and that we often ignore, forget, or don't listen to due to the exterior "noise".

This is the "introspection" part of my award-winning installation "In My Eyes" which includes 100 painted eyes and one central area rug (the introspection).

The original is hand-painted, acrylic on fiber, and is 96"x 132"  


INTROSPECTION Dolce Hotel canvas print Special

    • Hand signed and embellished by Florencia Clement de Grandprey
    • 48" tall x 36" wide, 3/4" stretchers
    • Printed in the USA
  • Please allow 10-14 business days to receive this product.

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